Lazarus Depth is a star system located in what is loosely termed "Sentinel" space. While the Sentinels do not formally control any system territories, they are known to be active in this region of space.


Lazarus Depth is most notable for being the focal point of the Sentinel Rebellion (304-308 ATA), when a separatist faction of changelings attempted to break away from the Consortium. Since the quelling of that uprising, when the system was formally exiled from Consortium space, it has developed a reputation as something of a wild frontier. Lacking the veneer of control and civilization the criminal cartels bring to Asgard, the Depth is a haven for the damned and the desperate, a major depot for the slave and drug trades, and a place where even the most hardened criminals walk softly and carry a very big stick.

Notable events

Notable locations

  • Eizariya (planet, system "capital")
    • Resurrection (settlement)
  • Tammuz (planet)
  • Attis (planet)

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