Hydatus Teign is a star system situated in Assembly space. It is unique in being the sole system in the galaxy that is directly governed by the Assembly (with the exception of Kyzar, albeit that the latter does not support any population or infrastructure not directly associated with the capital space station).


In 993 ATA a criminal organisation styling themselves the Hellfire Pirates staged an armed occupation of the Hydatus Teign system. The Assembly responded swiftly, dispatching a combined fleet - the bulk of which was Marauder (including a young Jennifer Bronwen) - under the command of the neutral Cyborg strategist Kiith Kohath to retake the system. After a short-lived and futile resistance, the pirates were driven from the system. To avoid the risk of recapture and the appearance of favouring any one race, the Assembly decreed Hydatus Teign and its surrounding systems should be set aside as a sanctuary, with governance coming directly from the Assembly.

Notable locations

  • Canaan One (planet)
  • Hydatus Rapture (planet)

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