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Welcome to Burning Suns Wiki!
A comprehensive encyclopedia about the aliens, cyborgs, weapons, ships, planets and more in the Burning Suns universe. This wikia covers everything within the Burning Suns IP for everyone to explore.

- 238 articles since 5 October 2015 -

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Burning Suns products

The Burning Suns universe currently contains the following products.

BurningSuns gamebox render 1 BurningSuns Conflagration book render 1
Burning Suns (board game) Burning Suns - Conflagration (Book One)
Learn more about the game here! Find book one here!
The art of Burning Suns book magazine render 1 BurningSuns Conflagration illustrated series 1
The Art of Burning Suns Burning Suns - Conflagration (illustrated series)
Find the artbook here! Find the illustrated series here!

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